A passionate User Experience designer with an affinity towards User Interface Design as well, with over 15 years of industry experience in helping organizations build impactful and intuitive products.

My expertise is to integrate complex products, which interact seamlessly with the ecosystem to ascertain maximum user adoption.

Designer / Artist

Coming from an art family, I choose my career as a designer

Team Player

I always loved working with a like-minded team to deliver the best product

My Works
In my 12 years of career, I have done varieties of projects. But here I'm mentioning a few of the major projects
Artist my passion
In my leisure, I like to Sketch and Paint
  • In 2002, I got personally autographed by APJ Abdul Kalam from the painting I did of him.
  • In the year 2003, did the “ACME” logo for the college Commerce Association, which the college still uses.
  • Did wall painting for Hubbler Pvt Lt
  • Gifting painting to my colleagues on various occasions
  • Worked with creative directors in designing the inside office creatives
APJ Abdul Kalam's Painting
Hubbler Wall Painting
Sketch Marker
Zac's - Portrait Painting
Flower Painting
Water color
Employment Timeline
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